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Syng is a webbased karaoke client written in Python. It manages a playlist and forwards the top element of playlist to a configurable media player. Songs can be played from a library or from youtube. Once the software is started, it listens for a HTTP connection (Default on Port 1337) for control. Clients can connect via a web interface and search and add songs, which are played on the server.


Install with:

pip install git+

It needs at least Python34.

First run

Launch it with:


At first launch, syng will create a configuration file at ${HOME}/.config/syng/syng.config. Syng will look for cdg and mkv files in the folder ${HOME}/.local/share/syng/songs. If you need to have your files in a different location, you can exit the software and edit the configuration file. Launch it again with the option --scan to start scanning for new files.

Syng will now start a webserver on http://localhost:1337


You can set a password for an admin user in the configuration file. The admin interface is reachable under http://localhost:1337/admin . Username is admin and the default password is also admin. In the admin interface you can modify the playlist and skip songs.

Command line interface

There is also a command line interface, mainly for testing purposes. See syng_cli --help for help.