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WARPED - a Webbased frontend for ARgparser in Python

warped can be used to execute single Python file and Python modules. It captures calls to the argparse module of Python and renders a web GUI based on the options and arguments defined. It also displays the output of the program inside the web GUI and allows you to stop, pause and resume the program, as well as downloading the output.


Either get a stable version from PyPI, or install the current version from git

# Installation from PyPI
pip install warped

# Installation from git
pip install git+


warped [-h] [--port PORT] [--host HOST] [--module] file

a Webbased frontend for ARgparse in Python

positional arguments:
file                  File to run

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--port PORT, -p PORT  The port to listen on (default 5000)
--host HOST           The host to bind to (default
--module, -m          If set, loads a module instead of a file


To test the capabilities of warped an example module was included. You can run it like this:

warped -m warped.samples.hooked

Since warped also makes use of the argparse module, warped itself can be //warped//.

warped -m warped.hook

How does it work?

When warped is executed, it starts a flask webserver. The javascript of the website reads the /arguments resource of the server, where the configuration of the argparser returned. In a seperate process the given program is executed using the runpy library, redirecting sys.stdin and sys.stdout to a multiprocessing.Queue, which can be read by the warp process to display it via the web GUI.

Additionally, warped adds an entry for argparse in the sys.modules list. Python looks first looks at this list, everytime a module is imported, to avoid importing a module multiple times. This custom argparse module behaves similar to the original argparse module. In fact with the exception of the ArgumentParser.parse_args() method, it works exactly like the original. Once the program calls the parse_args() method, it blocks and waits for user interaction via the web GUI. Once the user submits the data, the process continues.